about Artisans4Hope


Our Mission

Artisans4Hope is a community driven nonprofit organization.  A4H assists local refugees in developing the skill base, language acquisition, and competence to successfully integrate into their new community.

Artisans4Hope builds on the traditional cultural handcraft skills and interests of refugees by providing: 

  1. training and supplies to advance and expand their textile skills,

  2. business training,

  3. opportunities to market their handcrafted items, and

  4. opportunities for employment or entrepreneurship.

Artisans4Hope creates a safe environment to foster friendships, collaboration and healthy connections.



P.O. Box 8731

Boise, ID 83707


A4H is located at

723 N 15th Street

Boise, ID 83702

Hours of Operation:        

Monday, Wednesday and

Thursday mornings: 

9:00 am to noon            

Tuesdays 1:00  to 4:00 pm     

A4H Board

Hildegarde Ayer, President

Susan Schiele, Vice President

Lori Gibson-Banducci, CFO

Gail Young

Keziah Sullivan

Judy Oakes

Elaine Garris

Joan Cloonan

Jenn Hurt

Bhima Devi Bhandari,
Program Manager

Vanessa Damelio




Artisans4Hope believes that refuge is more than physical safety; it is opportunity and possibility; it is support toward  participation  and citizenry; it is understanding and hard work.